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Hundreds of Global CIOs Have Shared Their Ideas, Experience & Knowledge On The CIOpanel To Thousands at CIOsynergy Events. Thought-Leading collaboration On a Stage With No Limits, For a Discussion With No Boundaries. IT STARTS HERE!


These CIOs & IT Leaders are on the frontlines of Innovation and they have a story to tell. They represent both the Mid-Market boomers to the Blue Chip Goliaths. Just a few of our Event's highlights have included...

Chris Boult


CIO, GreyHound Lines, Inc. Dallas, TX


David Walsh

CIO, Haggar Clothing Co. Dallas, Tx


Bradd Busick

CIO, MacDonald-Miller. Seattle WA


Yousuf Khan

CIO, Qualys. San Francisco, CA


Elizabeth King

CIO, White Plains Hospital. New York, N.Y.


Wendy Cofran

CIO, Century Health Systems, Inc. Boston, MA


Shari Levandowski

CIO, Amcol International. Chicago, IL

Lisa Mandel


CIO, East Boston Savings Bank. Boston, MA


We have your audience! CIOsynergy events bring out the who's who of IT leaderships. These CIO's represent the largest brands and the biggest enterprises so our 1-day events are designed for the busiest of schedules

An Epicurean Lunch with Leading IT Peers

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From the coveted CIOpanel to insightful Firesides all is revealed 

World renowned Keynotes - thought provoking stories 

Industry disruptors take stage

From Forbes CEO to the Founder of Netflix, stories are shared

Because your Network is Your Networth

Collaborate with the Who's Who of IT

These like minded IT leaders live for Innovation


Former NPR Editor, Former ABC Foreign News Correspondent, On stage chair to the most prestigious c-suite events over the past 20 years and moderator to CIOsynergy, secureCISO & CXOdinner events through North America.

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Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is the CEO of Forbes Media, a company that has held top distribution not only during its print era but also through it digital transformation.

Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph co-founded one of the most disruptive companies of our time when he stole America's eyeballs with the creation of Netflix.

Former CEO of Pepsi & Apple John Sculley has tenured his time at the helm of two of the largest US companies.

John Sculley


All CIOsynergy Events are host in the finest 5-star venues; from the magnificent Trump Tower in Chicago to the Michelin rated Jean-George of NY and the Alaine Ducass of London.


Our partners believe in the power of collaboration, their support of our events gives us the reach we need. Over 500 sponsors will carry these conversation through 2015. They include the likes of...

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.


As the host of CIOTalkNetwork Sanjog has interviewed over 800 IT executives from global enterprises including Google, Mastercard, NYSE and Euronext, NASA, The Department of Defense, the United Nations and more.

Professionally Moderated by...

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With over 100 events a year we seek the insight, experience and knowledge of IT leaders like you. You're just one click away to joining a roster of thought-leaders that have steered 100's of panel discussions through North America and beyond. We can't wait to chat!


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CXOsync has been collaborating enterprise CXO's for nearly a decade. Our events are engineered to bring out the who's who of C-suite leadership and incubate discussions that just don't happen within the confines of the office, a platform where leaders discuss, debate and challenge directions, strategies and share those ever important lessons learned. Explore our portfolio of events at

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Jim McKelvey

Co-founder of one of Silicon Valley's hottest startups, Square, which revolutionized the payments industry.

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As a former Head of IT for Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah's) Marcario brings a wealth of experience to his panels as he dives into a feel, felt, found comparison with global IT leaders in an effort to benchmark directions.

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"One of the most insightful talks I had ever heard, but the 6-panel Tell-All was my favorite part by far, I wish THAT lasted all day."

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